wow, you ACTUALLY clicked on "BIO"....impressive! Lets see where to start...

I started playing piano "by ear" at age 5 in the sleepy town of Winchester VA (home of Patsy Cline!). Studied classical at age 7, quit at 13, wrote my first song at 15, then the bassist in my church gave me a guitar right before college which I would play for awhile then quit over and over again for about a decade or so.

Then in the Winter of 2014, I started writing songs fueled by equal parts depression and rage while living in Bed-Stuy (the Brooklyn neighborhood of rap legend Notorious B.I.G. aka Biggie Smalls).

Fear of putting myself out there as a musician is real. I used to think "this is so impractical, why should I, I have other skills!" But songs kept waking me up, staying with me throughout the day, into the night, then playing in my dreams so I thought F*ck it, lets do this! 

Follow your dreams, do what you love and the money will follow. Well, at least get a part-time job 'til the money follows. :)

Or better yet do what you want and be happy!

Thanks for wanting to know about me and the music. Full album "Skin on Mine" and Circle music video release details coming soon.

Hope to meet you at one of my shows!


Photographer: Adriana Ward