Back in winter 2014, Teena May found herself in artsy Bedstuy Brooklyn stuck in her mundane routine – work, home, two $1 slices of pizza, "Two-Buck Chuck", doze off to Netflix, repeat. One night after an episode of Nashville inspiration struck and she wrote “Circle”.  

Months later courage and curiosity led to open mics which led to playing Brooklyn dive-bar gigs. One Williamsburg night at Spike Hill Music (R.I.P.) a friend introduced her to Carey Clayton (guitarist of Great Good Fine Ok). Two years later he produced her debut album, Skin on Mine.

Inspired by the sounds of HAIM, Lana Del Rey, and Florence + the Machine, Teena May takes you on a 9-song emotion exploration. Whether vulnerable "Can't Make You", southern rock-esq "Circle" or lovely "More Than Anything" there's a tone for each step of the quest to (or from) romance.


Photographer: Adriana Ward